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Hey everybody, I hope your doing great wherever you may be! Here is an article about some of the biggest mysteries of the 2012-13 of what could have been but we will never know because Gary Bettman has locked out the league….again!

So here is a diagram with some pictures and numbers about these goaltenders. PLEASE DO NOTE that all pictures belong to their respective owners and are from and I am in no way, shape or form are trying to infringe on any copyright material.

So I hope you enjoy this article on what the 2012-13 NHL Season could have been!

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Hey everybody, I hope your doing well wherever you may be! For my first post I thought what could possibly be better than an up close look and description for what Jonathan Quick is using between the pipes, lets get started.

First of all I just wanted to let everybody know that below is the Jpeg files of Quick setup I made for those of you who are visual learners or just too lazy to read the article itself (kinda like myself), here it is.

Heres the picture for those of you who are visual learners

Too start off, lets begin with Jonathan’s goal pads. Quick uses Vaughn V4 7600 Professional custom goal pads, some of his mods include…

-Stock V4 Protection        -One break below the knee, both internal and external and no breaks above the knee     -Narrow V2 leg channel      -Top 2 straps are both nylon click-in straps, one of which is below the knee on inside and other is above the knee on the outside       -Custom V4 graphic with alternate coloured “dragon tails” on the left and right pads       -Quick typically goes through 3 pairs of pads per season and takes 2 practices to break them in before using them in games

Now we’ll go to his blocker and catch gloves..

-Stock V4 7600 Blocker and goes through 8 of them per season     -Stock V4 catch glove with the top of the T-web stiffened and Quick goes through 8 gloves per season alongside 3 practice glove with extra protection

Now for his Warrior Swagger goal stick…..

-Quick’s goal stick is almost identical to the retail version except a slight tweak to the stand mid-curve at the toe   -26.5′ paddle, 29.5″ Shaft and a lie of 14      -The color pattern is the same as the retail version       -Quick goes through over 100 sticks per season, I’m not even kidding!

Now Quick’s Vaughn Epic 8800 Chest Protector….

-Pro 2010 stock model    -Large sized chest protector with medium sized arms     -Additional 1/8″ of low density foam behind the forearms and bicep floaters

and last but not least, the skates that give Jonathan the most explosive powerful pushes in the world….

-Bauer Supreme One100 skates with One60 cowlings      -Sized 10 E/A with some slight undisclosed modifications to prevent lace bites       -Quick alternates 3 sets of blades in his skates only using them for 3-4 times before getting new ones to help maintain height, power and “freshness”      -Jonathan’s skates are sharpened to 3/8″ hollow with 60-120 profile on 4mm blades

Please not that a lot of the information in this post is from InGoal Magazine and here is the link to the post

So thats everything on Jonathan Quick’s gear setup. I hope you enjoyed this article and below is a picture with all the information above with just a little more colour and a picture of Quickie in action. Also I operate my own youtube channel so below are the links to my youtube channel, our Facebook fan page and our official twitter account!

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