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Hey everybody, I hope your doing great wherever you may be! Today I’ve got an unboxing and preview about my new Reebok Premier 4 Set.

So I teased about a month or so ago that I was getting a new Reebok Premier 4 set over our Official Trav4oilers Twitter, Facebook page, and more. Well I got everything a couple nights ago so I’ve got some pictures for you, the specs and a small preview of what to expect.

So lets started with the pads. The pads specs are 36+2.5, Pre-curved / Double Break Core / Single Break Outer, Tight Fit Leg Channel (2 Straps, Calf Wrap), Adjustable Strapping, Shallow Soft Boot and a Soft Knee Cradle. Well with the pads, they are relatively stiffer, which is the way I like my pads. They really do slide good and have fantastic balance in the butterfly position. They rotate pretty good and really give you great feel.

Now the blocker. Well I’m a full right goaltender so the specs are as follows. Full Right, Centred Palm, Suregrip Palm, Regular Sized Palm. Pretty much as close to a stock blocker as you can get. The blocker has great finger and side hand protection and is very well balanced.

Finally the glove. Well just like the blocker, the catch glove is full right as well and the specs go as follow. Full Right, 590 Catch Angle (60 Degree Break), 2 Piece Thumb and Cuff, Webbing Strap, Game Ready Palm, Straight Tee and a Skate Laced Pocket. Well the 2 piece performs well, it isn’t too stiff but it still gives you relatively good flex. The 590 (60 Degree) Catch angle gives a real nice nature close and the Straight Tee combined with the Skate Laced pocket sucks up just about everything that enters.

Reebok Premier 4 Set Unboxing and Preview

Well I hope you enjoyed this Unboxing and (small) Preview of my new Reebok Premier 4 Set. The full review will be up in a couple of weeks. For those of you who want to see what everything looks like, just click on the diagram above. All of the pictures above are my own content.

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Thank you!