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Hey everybody, I hope your doing great wherever you may be! Here is an article about some of the biggest mysteries of the 2012-13 of what could have been but we will never know because Gary Bettman has locked out the league….again!

So here is a diagram with some pictures and numbers about these goaltenders. PLEASE DO NOTE that all pictures belong to their respective owners and are from and I am in no way, shape or form are trying to infringe on any copyright material.

So I hope you enjoy this article on what the 2012-13 NHL Season could have been!

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Braden Holtby

Posted: March 27, 2012 by Steven Ellis in Washington Capitals

Braden Holtby

The Good: Holtby has the prototypical size that scouts look for in a goalie and is a sound technical goalie that plays a butterfly style. His positioning and top of the net awareness are sometimes an issue as he’s been beaten by high shots at times. He has an above average glove hand and displays strong athleticism in net. Holtby has the stamina and conditioning level to handle a big workload – he was one of the busiest goalies in terms of shots and minutes played during his junior career. In terms of intangibles, whether it is just a matter of having been in the right place on strong teams or that he elevates the play of the team around him, Holtby has won a lot of games the past two seasons. In several NHL games, showed the fiery, competitive side of his game and his will to win. Holtby will be an effective NHL netminder at some point in his career. (more…)

Washington Capitals Depth Chart

Posted: February 27, 2012 by Steven Ellis in Depth Charts, Washington Capitals

  1.  Tomas Vokoun
  2. Michael Neuvirth
  3. Braden Holtby
  4. Dany Sabourin
  5. Philipp Grubauer
  6. Brandon Anderson
  7. Steffen Soberg

Michal Neuvirth

Posted: February 15, 2012 by Steven Ellis in Washington Capitals

Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images North America


The Good: Neuvirth is a butterfly goaltender and is technically sound while maintaining his positioning in classic, textbook style. He stays square to shooters and comes out to the top of his crease when appropriate to cut down the angle. His most remarkable on-ice trait is his incredible composure. Neuvirth almost never appears rattled or caught up in a moment of excitement. Whether the puck is in the zone or elsewhere on the ice, Neuvirth is extremely economical with his movement. Neuvirth is a talented netminder with the composure and mental game to be successful at the NHL level for several years and how the Capitals manage their goaltending picture with two quality young netminders, Neuvirth and Braden Holtby, will go a long way to determining the future of the franchise. His agility and fast reflexes are also big advantages, as is his recuperative ability. Neuvirth was able to take over the starting role from Semyon Varlamov in 2010-2011. (more…)

Tomas Vokoun

Posted: February 15, 2012 by Steven Ellis in Washington Capitals

Getty Images

The Good: Vokoun has a classic stand-up style, good anticipation, covers the angles well and challenges the shooters. Because he relies on angles and reflexes, he must be quick and that means he must work more on his conditioning. He displays a great glove hand and a tough demeanor. He is very good at bouncing right back after a poor performance. Vokoun isn’t as consistent as he could be but has a knack for making big saves at the right time. He’s Is extremely tough to get a read on from a shooter’s perspective because he’s unpredictable. He plays a very active, ultra-unorthodox style that has helped him rack up a ton of wins on weak teams. He can get red-hot for long stretches and loves a heavy workload. Even as an older goaltender he is still an elite puckstopper. He is the best goaltender to ever come from the Czech  Republic, excluding Dominik Hasek, so it’s great to see an expansion draft goaltender do so well. (more…)