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Hey everybody, I hope your doing great wherever you may be! Here is an article about some of the biggest mysteries of the 2012-13 of what could have been but we will never know because Gary Bettman has locked out the league….again!

So here is a diagram with some pictures and numbers about these goaltenders. PLEASE DO NOTE that all pictures belong to their respective owners and are from and I am in no way, shape or form are trying to infringe on any copyright material.

So I hope you enjoy this article on what the 2012-13 NHL Season could have been!

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Eddie Lack

Posted: March 26, 2012 by Steven Ellis in Vancouver Canucks
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Nick Didlick/Getty Images

The Good: Läck is a big goaltender who uses his size to his advantage looking through traffic to see the puck, and aggressively challenging shooters. Despite his size he has good lateral movement, covers the bottom of the net well, has good balance, and is positionally sound.The key to his overall in-game success as a rookie was his excellent positioning. His ability to square up to AHL shooter by arriving on his angles with precision and balance, especially at such a consistent level, was exceptional. He is an even-keeled and “quiet” guy in the crease, so he was tough to knock off his game or catch out of position. In the games I watched him play last season, he always seemed to get his big body behind pucks and soak up rebounds. He has incredible size for the goaltending position, and tremendous agility for a big goalie. Lack displays a calm demeanor that assures confidence with his teammates. (more…)

Canucks Sign Former Draft Pick Joe Cannata

Posted: March 21, 2012 by Steven Ellis in Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks announced today that they have signed goaltender Joe Cannata to an entry level deal. The Wakefield, MA, native was originally selected in the sixth round, 173rd overall by the Canucks in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

Cannata, 22, has appeared in 36 games this year for Merrimack College, posting a record of 17-12-7, 2.18 GAA and was named Hockey East Defense Player of the Month for October.

Cannata is a goaltender that plays with loads of confidence and is tremendously calm and focused under pressure. He isn’t one to get rattled easily. Cannata possesses good athleticism and is technically very sound. He is intelligent and follows plays quite well. Cannata also possesses very good hand-eye coordination for a goaltender. He does a good job of playing his angles well and staying square to shooters, but could be a bit more aggressive in challenging them. (more…)

Vancouver Canucks Depth Chart

Posted: February 27, 2012 by Steven Ellis in Depth Charts, Vancouver Canucks

  1.  Roberto Luongo
  2. Cory Schneider
  3. Eddie Lack
  4. Matt Climie
  5. Lukas Mensator
  6. Jonathan Iilahti
  7. Joe Cannata
  8. David Honzik

Cory Schneider

Posted: February 8, 2012 by Steven Ellis in Vancouver Canucks

Rich Lam/Getty Images

The Good: Schneider is a fundamentally sound goaltender with superb quickness and agility. He has demonstrated that he can step up in big games. Schneider plays with a tremendous amount of focus and confidence and exhibits his maturity on and off the ice. Schneider is excellent positionally. He does an outstanding job of taking away the lower portion of the net, moves extremely well laterally and with his 6’2 frame covers a lot of the top half of the net as well. He will aggressively challenge shooters and has a quick glove. The most notable improvement that Schneider made in his collegiate career is his ability to control rebounds. It isn’t often that he will give up rebounds and when he does, he does an excellent job of steering loose pucks away from the crease area. Overall, he is a talented goaltender with big upside. Luongo better watch his back, Cory is in the house. He can easily be a starter on many teams, as he has shown during his brief NHL career that he can win games. (more…)

Roberto Luongo

Posted: February 8, 2012 by Steven Ellis in Vancouver Canucks

The Good: Roberto Luongo is one of the worlds most talented goaltenders. He has an awesome combination of size, quickness and supreme command of the butterfly style. Loui can steal games for his team, and when he’s on his game, he’s confident and square to shooters, and plays big in the net. Luongo has a great team in front of him, but it’s not like he’s along for the ride. Roberto was easily one of the top goaltenders last season, and was a big reason why the Canucks did so good. He has experience in big game situations, winning the 2010 Olympic Gold Medal, where he was great, and the 2011 Stanley Cup finals, where he lost in game 7 to the Boston Bruins. His ability to make diving saves look routine is a big reason he is so good. (more…)