Pekka Rinne – The Total Package

Posted: August 10, 2012 by trav4oilers in Depth Charts, Nashville Predators
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Hi everybody, as always I hope your doing well wherever you may be! Here is an article on why Pekka Rinne is the total package goaltender.

So down below is a visual diagram of why Pekka Rinne is the total package goalie for those of you who are more “visual learners”.

Here is a picture for those of you who are more “visual learners”

So lets start with the most obvious part of Pekka, his size.  As anybody who knows how the modern day of goaltending could tell you, size is one of the biggest things goalie coaches and evaluators everywhere are looking for now a days. Myself, I’m 6’4 and 16 years old right now so I think I know what I’m talking about when I say having size is so helpful and such a gift in between the pipes and Pekka Rinne uses every inch of his 6’5 frame to his advantage, whether its in his amazing athleticism or a technically sound save. Do note that having size does not mean having equipment 10 sizes too big!

Now is one of the things that every goalie needs to be a goalie in this era. Now you might not be able to tell from looking at Pekka because he is not the type of goalie that you’ll find doing the splits all day long like Jonathan Quick or Miikka Kiprusoff but Pekka really does have incredible flexibility and when he combines it with his athleticism and 6’5 frame he is nearly unbeatable. For example 2 years ago in the 2011 playoffs against Vancouver, all you saw was Pekka using his size, using his athleticism and getting his body get into the weirdest of positions. I mean I swear one time I saw him pretzel himself and he was still able to make the save and was able to cover up the rebound.

Next is how Pekka is so incredible to see how he uses his long legs to his advantage. Now clearly when your 6’5 your going to have incredibly long legs but you have to use them well because when used well, you can cover up the whole bottom of the net without any problems and theres half of your problems taken care of right off the bat, but when used not so well, you have uncoordinated legs that are just there to block as much net as possible and do no reacting once well at all but thats not the case with Pekka. Now we have all seen how Pekka uses his legs, hes stretching them all over his crease to try and get them to where they need to be but he also knows when to use them to block and when to be athletic and it is really incredible to watch. For those of you who are wondering what size of pads that Rinne where’s, believe it or not, even though he is 6’5 he is only using a 38” pair of pads.

Now finally is Pekka’s incredible stick usage. Another one of Pekka’s great abilities are his great stick usage. Now he may not use his stick all day long in paddle down play like Mike Smith or Jonathan Quick but Pekka is using his long reach and even longer paddle to poke check on a regular bases and its extremely affective along with using his stick to control rebounds by putting them in the safe spots like in the corners or deflecting the puck over the boards for a stoppage in play. I there was a play in the 2010-11 season where Pekka lost his stick in Edmonton and Shawn Horcoff had Rinne’s five hole wide open but he hit Pekka’s stick and the puck sailed wide. Search it on youtube if you haven’t seen it yet.

So I hope you enjoyed this article on why Pekka Rinne is the total package! Below are a couple of links for my youtube channel, our official twitter account for the channel and our Facebook fan page so please be sure to subscribe, like and follow! All pictures are courtesy of

Thank you.


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