What Makes Carey Price So Good?

Posted: August 8, 2012 by trav4oilers in Depth Charts, Montreal Canadiens, Other
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Hi everybody, I hope your all doing good wherever you may be! Here is an article on what exactly makes Carey Price so good and why he is everybody’s favourite goalie.

So down below this is a visual diagram of what makes Carey so good for those of you who are more “visual learners”.

Here is a picture for those of you who are more “visual learners”

So Lets start with the most important part of being a goaltender and that is the mental strength. Without a doubt what makes Carey so good, so consistent and so much more is his mental strength. For example when a goalie has a 40-50 shutout/win, the next game is how you can tell whether that goalie strong mentally or not because if hes not, everything will go straight to his head and it will reflect his GAA, Sv% and overall performance and the same goes for a bad goal, we all can remember the goal Derek Morris scored on Jonathan Quick in the Western Conference final from center ice this year? Well after that you couldn’t even tell that the goal happened to Quick and that is the type of Mental Toughness Carey Has. Thats very similiar to when Carey let in a softy on the 1st shot of the 1st preason game in 2010-11, fresh off of the Halak/Price wars and after that Carey had what I think was by far the best season of his young career too date.and his stats prove it.

Now Carey’s stick work. One of Carey’s biggest assets are his intelligent stick usage, he uses his stick to block pucks from going across the crease occasionially but its mostly when he is using his stick to guide pucks into the corners exactly where he wants them but more importantly where they need to be. Carey also uses a paddle down method to defend against rap arounds and to block parts of the net on fast cross crease passes that he can’t react to and/or can’t defend against.

How could I forget about Carey’s lightning quick glove hand. A lot of people ask how Carey has such a quick glove hand and its fairly simple. It starts with a lower glove position building coverage from the bottom up which is the entire goal of the butterfly goaltender, combine that with a more outward glove position which takes away the angle and lightning quick reflexes and you have one of the best gloves in the league.

Now is Carey’s leg work which a lot of people idol over. Lots of people say how Carey has such a “sexy” butterfly and rarely gets beat down low, well it starts with knowng when to use a narrow and a wide butterfly, He uses a narrow to put pucks to the corners on sharp angles and give the illusion of an open five hole while putting his knees and heels together. Carey then uses a wide butterfly when theres no high risk if he were too kick out a rebound into the slot or when going into a block in tight or when he cannot see.

Noware Carey’s pushes and these are without a doubt what makes him so popular and why everybody wants to be Carey Price. Now what makes Carey’s play so appealing and has people drooling over how “he makes it look so easy and effortless” is because of every- thing he is doing down low. It starts with using his hole entire foot when doing backside pushes across the crease and he pushes almost exactly the right amount to get to where he needs to be next and has least amount of movement to do in his next push. But its really when he pushes (whether its a T-push, shuffle, backside push or anything else) he is not moving his arms an inch, only his core moves when he rotates and his legs when he pushes.

So I hope you enjoyed my article on what exactly makes Carey Price so good! Below this are a couple of links for my youtube channel, our official twitter account for the channel and our Facebook fan page so please be sure to subscribe, like and follow! All pictures are courtesy of NHL.com




Thank you.

Thank you.


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