Hi, I’m Trav4oilers

Posted: August 3, 2012 by trav4oilers in Uncategorized

Hi everybody, I hope that your all having a great summer and training hard for the new season!

I’m a new additional to the great team of writers here for Syko About Goalies and am honoured to be getting an opportunity to work some really great and talented people here and deliver lots of in-depth articles and analyses of goaltenders everywhere and everything in between.

My name is Travis, I’m 16 years old and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have been a goaltender for the past 7 years and I feel I understand the position extremely well from a technical stand point as well as a performance stand point and can go in depth analyzing goaltenders in many places that even commentators and some of the analysts on national television cant even do. I’ve also had a few injuries in my time all of which were muscle related and I have learned a lot about sports injuries, how to prevent them and how to treat them as well. Like a lot of young and aspiring goaltenders out there, from an athletic and technical stand point I idolize goalies like Jonathan Quick and Carey Price and can do the splits myself, I don’t use it nearly as much a Quickie does but I try my best to stay as technically sound as possible for as long as I can before using my athleticism. Physically I’m 6’4 and have a lot of growing to do so you can probably guess that my favourite goalies are Pekka Rinne and especially Devan Dubnyk.

I also follow all the latest and greatest goalie gear that is coming out and already available and can give some seriously in depth analysis of whats going on, what makes this gear better than the rest, its improvements from its previous generation and so much more!

As you can tell I love goalies and its has always been my passion, I enjoyed watching goalies so much that I even started my own youtube channel for goalie save compilation videos. I started in December of 2011 and feel I have come a long way since starting and have already pumped out well over 40 videos. For those of you interested I will attach a link to my youtube channel, our official twitter account for on the fly updates on new videos and breaking goalies news and our Facebook fan page!

So I hope your enjoyed my first post and a little bio on myself, if you have any questions you can direct message me on Twitter, Youtube or Facebook and I will try my best to answer your message as quickly and accurately as possible.




Thank you.


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