Jussi Rynnas

Posted: March 28, 2012 by Steven Ellis in Toronto Maple Leafs

AP Photo/Don Heupel

The Good: A big goalie at 6’5, Rynnas takes up a ton of the net and moves extremely well for his size. Not only is he quick, but he’s also aggressive and has a very competitive nature that should fit in well with Toronto. He has an extremely wide stance that allows him t0 appear big in the net, and move with NHL-level quickness. When he’s crouching and looking through bodies, his glove is at a perfect height, something that takes practice.  He demands a ton of space in and around his crease and will push you around if your in his way. Combined with his skill, Rynnas is a hard-working individual with a fierce, competitive edge to his game. Most over-sized goalies are considered a bit passive, but Rynnas is active and agile.

The Bad: His aggressiveness can also act as a flaw; leaving him out of position at times. He’ll need to adjust to the smaller North American ice-surfaces, and work on his game-to-game consistency if he hopes to become a starting goaltender in the NHL. When the puck goes below the goal line, Jussi has a hard time and tends to look uncomfortable. He’s prone to losing the puck behind him, and shows difficulty when trying to look around. His stance is excellent, but being hunched over takes away from his balance and movement. He needs to straighten up his back, while still keeping his knees bent as far as they are. His feet are a little active, and he needs to simplify that aspect of his game and rely on his core strength to push across the crease. He’s also got a habit of holding his blocking elbow out a bit wide; look for Allaire to curb that, as he tries to hold it tighter and close up the hole.


RS Scoring RS Goalie Stats PO Scoring
Season Team Lge GP A PIM Min GA EN SO GAA W L T Svs Pct GP A PIM
2005-06 Assat Pori SM-liiga 9 0 0 1 0 0
2006-07 Assat Pori SM-liiga 1 0 0
2008-09 Assat Pori SM-liiga 4 0 0
2009-10 Assat Pori SM-liiga 31 0 0 1717 71 0 3 2.48 14 13 1 906 0.927
2010-11 Toronto Marlies AHL 30 1 0 1660 75 4 1 2.71 9 15 3 772 0.911






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