Nathan Lawson

Posted: March 2, 2012 by Steven Ellis in Montreal Canadiens

The Good:  Lawson possesses good size and vision of the ice. He gets down into his butterfly, and back up, quickly. He seems to improvise well and works hard to make big saves late in the game without making too many mistakes. At a cheap price, Lawson is able to stabilize any team’s minor league goaltending, and in stretches he can provide solid starting work when injuries plague a team (just like the Islanders, where he played in 2010-2011). Lawson is often square to the shooter and he is rarely out of position on shots.  Lawson’s keeps his hands very tight to his body and a little further back than usual, but is still very active with them. His low center of gravity and tremendous leg strength gives him a solid presence in the net. He also does a good job of incorporating an active stick when making saves down low.

The Bad: After allowing 7 goals in the 2012 AHL Outdoor game in Hamilton, most of them soft, it was clear he isn’t going to be an NHL starter any time soon. His career potential is likely an AHL starter or injury call up. The most visible weakness in Lawson’s game is his proneness to dropping into the butterfly too early.  This happens on a number of occasions during games, resulting in goals at bad times. Another area of weakness is overall foot speed, as he isn’t able to move from post to post quickly. His inability to rotate his hips while down in the butterfly will limit his accessibility in the crease.

Awards and honours

  • AHL All-Rookie Team (2008–09


 Season Team League GP
SVS%       Postseason GP
 1999-2000  Calgary Royals Midget AAA  AMHL 35 3.02 .924 |         
 2000-2001  Calgary Royals Midget AAA  AMHL 34 3.84 .896 |         
 2002-2003  Olds Grizzlys  AJHL 56 |         
 2003-2004  Olds Grizzlys  AJHL 54 |         
 2004-2005  Univ. of Alaska-Anchorage  NCAA 27 3.32 .914 |         
 2005-2006  Univ. of Alaska-Anchorage  NCAA 21 3.44 .908 |         
 2006-2007  Univ. of Alaska-Anchorage  NCAA 27 3.03 .893 |         
 2007-2008  Phoenix Roadrunners  ECHL 5 3.01 .910 |         
 Utah Grizzlies  ECHL 24 2.89 .906 |  Playoffs 10 – 
 2008-2009  Utah Grizzlies  ECHL 3 2.28 .918 |         
 Bridgeport Sound Tigers  AHL 31 2.16 .927 |  Playoffs 2 3.89 .833 
 2009-2010  Bridgeport Sound Tigers  AHL 36 2.52 .922 |  Playoffs 1 2.63 .938 
 2010-2011  Bridgeport Sound Tigers  AHL 16 2.90 .913 |         
 New York Islanders  NHL 10 4.06 .893 |         




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