Semyon Varlamov

Posted: January 13, 2012 by Steven Ellis in Colorado Avalanche

(AP Photo/Barry Gutierrez)

The Good: Varlamov has a fairly unique, hybrid style and changes that style depending on the situation. Primarily a butterfly goalie, he will use his quick reflexes and fast reaction time to stop shots. He is quick to re-establish his stance after acrobatic saves and plays with a lot of composure. He has a quick glove hand but is not always active with his stick. Varlamov rarely leaves the net to play the puck, but is good at preventing one-timers by intercepting cross-crease passes with his stick. He plays a sound positional game and doesn’t lose the net. He maintains his poise and shows a lot of composure for such a young goalie. Conversely, he sometimes lets in bad goals due to a lack of focus, particularly when playing with a big lead. Varlamov has the size, raw skill and reflexes to make him into a strong NHL goalie. He continues to develop the maturity, mobility and stick handling capabilities that will allow him to become an elite goalie. Varlamov’s talent level, mental game, and positive, calm demeanor suggests he can be a top starter for the foreseeable future.

The Bad: Varlamov has occasional problems with his technique and positioning, which reduces his overall effectiveness as a puck-stopper.  He isn’t that great at communicating with defenders, which can be due to the fact he’s Russian, and just recently learned English. He has also had groin injuries in the past.

Career statistics

Regular season

Season Team League GP W L OTL MIN GA SO GAA SV%
2006–07 Lokomotiv Yaroslavl RSL 33 1936 70 3 2.17
2007–08 Lokomotiv Yaroslavl RSL 44 106 3 2.45
2008–09 Hershey Bears AHL 27 19 7 1 1551 62 2 2.40 .916
2008–09 Washington Capitals NHL 6 4 0 1 329 13 0 2.37 .918
2009–10 Washington Capitals NHL 26 15 4 6 1527 65 2 2.55 .909
2010–11 Washington Capitals NHL 27 11 9 5 1560 58 2 2.23 .924
NHL totals 59 30 11 5 3416 136 4 2.39 .917
2011-12 COLORADO
ON PACE 53 26 26 1 3199 3 154 1569 2.89 .902

Drafted: 23rd overall, 2006

Washington Capitals


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